Chicago Real Estate Transactions Lawyer

Representing Buyers And Sellers

The Law Offices of William J. Lapelle, P.C., counsels and represents buyers and sellers of multiunit residential and commercial real estate. Clients have included real estate developers in Chicago and the nearby suburbs, as well as throughout the Midwest who have developed many different properties for condominium, commercial or other residential uses.

Illinois Multi-Unit Property Lawyer

Attorney William J. Lapelle has more than 30 years of experience in corporate real estate investment, management and lending. He served as general counsel to various real estate developers and has been involved in all aspects of commercial real estate investing, including acquisitions and sales, leasing and lending secured by real property. Therefore, he understands what issues his clients are facing and has the knowledge and skill to help them solve problems that may arise.

Mr. Lapelle performs a number of real estate services for developers, including:

  • Preparation of business entity agreements, including limited liability company operating agreements, corporate bylaws, and general and limited partnership agreements
  • Negotiation and documentation of property acquisition, development and sale
  • Representation of developers in condominium conversions
  • Representation of boards in deconversions
  • Preparation, review and negotiation of leases, easements and licenses
  • Review and negotiation of contracts, including purchase agreements
  • Representation of clients in landlord/tenant disputes
  • Negotiation and drafting of operational agreements
  • Preparation, review and negotiation of lender documentation
  • Preparation and counsel on environmental and other due diligence matters
  • Litigation, including collection of past due tenant leases and building code issues
  • Finance negotiation

Focused Representation

Chicago real estate transaction attorney William J. Lapelle has the experience and skill to handle even the most complex real estate issues. His past experience, meticulous attention to detail and knowledge of real estate laws make him a natural choice.

For timely and cost-effective assistance, call the Northfield office at 847-984-9717 or contact him online.