Meet Attorney Bill Lapelle

For over 40 years, attorney Bill Lapelle has provided diligent, knowledgeable representation to discerning clients throughout Illinois. Community associations, real estate developers, lending institutions, and other commercial and residential property owners have benefited from Mr. Lapelle’s transactional, financing and corporate counsel services.

Mr. Lapelle draws on his background in corporate real estate investment, management and lending to help his clients capitalize on opportunities and avoid legal challenges that threaten their entity’s bottom line. Having worked in large, midsized and small firms, Mr. Lapelle has the large-firm capabilities his clients require and the small firm attentiveness that clients desire.

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Representing Clients With Skill And A Sense Of Urgency

In community association, real estate or finance matters, delays can be costly. You can depend on attorney Bill Lapelle to move swiftly when you retain his services. Whether you are stymied while trying to collect delinquent assessments, negotiate the terms of a property acquisition contract or complete another equally challenging task, he will identify a practical solution and move forward to resolve your issue with a sense of urgency.

As a client of the Law Offices of William J. Lapelle, P.C., you will also benefit from Mr. Lapelle’s:

  • Personal attention. Rather than navigating the bureaucracy of a large law firm, you will work directly with Mr. Lapelle on all of your legal matters.
  • Creative, but pragmatic legal strategies. Mr. Lapelle has a comprehensive understanding of the law. He uses this insight to solve problems in a straightforward manner, allowing you to put your matter in behind you.
  • Cost-effective representation. Bill Lapelle knows how the system works. He navigates legal procedures efficiently, which can limit the time and expense required to handle administrative matters or close transactions.

Your legal needs are pressing and can directly affect your business’s viability and options. You deserve to work with a top-notch lawyer who respects your time and is driven to achieve your objectives. For an attorney who provides sophisticated counsel promptly, look no further than Bill Lapelle.

Consult With Attorney Lapelle Today

Arrange your private consultation by dialing 847-984-9717 or completing the firm’s contact form. Mr. Lapelle responds to inquiries quickly because he knows that your questions can’t wait.